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Microchiroptera (small bats or microbats) ALOE SEROTINE BAT Introduction: The Aloe serotine bat (Neoromicia zuluensis) is the smallest of Namibia's 3 species of serotine bats, similar in size to the Cape serotine bat. It is known to live in woodland savannahs and hunts in areas of permanent water. The name Aloe refers to the ornithologist Austin Roberts collecting the species from the leaves of aloes. They roost in other retreats as well though, such as the roofs of buildings. Distribution: Erongo Mountains in Damaraland. Baynes, Omavandaberge and Otjihipa Mountains, and the Black Hills, all in Kaokoland. Diet: Small soft-bodied insects. Coloring: Yellowish-brown hair with white under parts. The wings are blackish-brown. Breeding: Females normally give birth to twins around late November and early December. Size: Males 80mm, females 90mm. Weight: Males 5.9g, females 7.3g. ANGOLA FREE-TAILED BAT Introduction: The Aloe serotine bat (Neoromicia z... read more  Read More