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Ghaub Caves The caves are on the Farm Ganachaams (name of the farmhouse) and the farm is known as Ghaub Farm. It has been reported that the caves contain the largest underground lake in Namibia. They consist of a series of chambers and passages formed when swirling underground water dissolved 700 million year old dolomite rock, give or take a year or 2. Apart from the chambers and tunnels there is a waterfall, a formation of stalagmites called 'the organ', bands and curtains, sinkhole stalagtites (of which some have been cut off due to vandalism) and stalagmite fingers. The entrance was eventually exposed due to erosion. The Ghaub Caves are approximately 50km by road from Otavi, in the centre of the Otavi – Tsumeb - Grootfontein triangle. They were proclaimed a national monument on 1st May 1967. The Ghaub Cave excursion explores the third-largest cave in Namibia, 38 m in depth with 2.5 km of chambers and passageways. Declared a national monument, ... read more  Read More

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