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There are countless pursuits to help you spend your time and money in Swakopmund, Walvisbay, Hentiesbay or Luderitz. For those interested in adventure activities, the coast of Namibia offers sandboarding, quad biking, dune carting, parachuting, hot air ballooning, shark fishing, deep sea fishing and beach angling to name but a few… The dunes sing… Sitting between them on a windy dawn, an eerie music can be heard vibrating through the sand, like a whale song, or a didgeridoo moan. It’s as if the Universe has plucked a chord from her ancient harp and it resonates here in this red world of sand. When the light changes at sunset and sunrise, when day moves to night and night to day, there are endless opportunities to listen to the universe, as the dunes turn red and glow in the sun’s rays. Catch these magic moments before the sun rises high in the sky or sinks into the night and we forget that there is the possibility of magic… For the more sed... read more  Read More

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