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4X4 GUIDED SELF DRIVE : CONCEPTION ADVENTURE “Living on the Edge” The Conception Adventure is a unique adventure taking place in the vast sand sea of the Namib Desert south of Walvis Bay, offering the ultimate challenge for thrill seekers with off-road endurance and a taste of adventure Time wise there are various options to choose from when planning your Conception trip - the trip's total duration is 5 days/4 nights but some of the sections can be done in isolation, thus allowing the participant to do some of the sections in as little as 2 days. The rest of the trip can then be done on a more convenient time. Each of the sections offers its own unique experience and scenery. For this reason it is possible to break the whole route into shorter tours with very little overlapping on any of the highlighted points in the itinerary. Solitaire to Homeb (Starting point for 4 day tour - Solitaire) Sossusvlei is not included in the itinerary as many... read more  Read More

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