what to see / Dassie

YELLOW-SPOTTED ROCK DASSIE Introduction: The yellow-spotted rock dassie (Heterohyrax brucei) refers to the colour of the hair on the dorsal gland, which in the rock dassie is black, and in this species varies in colour from yellow to ochre. They are slightly smaller than the rock dassie and the muzzle is slightly narrower. Two of the best features when distinguishing from the rock dassie are the white or off-white patches above the eyes and the lighter colour of the sides of the face. Distribution: The yellow-spotted dassie occupies similar habitats to the rock dassie and the 2 species often live on the same rocks, using identical crevices and can be seen basking in the sun alongside each other. Both species of dassie frequent the mountains and koppies in and around the Namibian capital, Windhoek. They do not interbreed. But the yellow-spotted dassie is not often found in isolated rocky koppies. Diet: Predominantly a browser but in the warm, wetter months their diet i... read more  Read More