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Visit Diaz Cross at Diaz Point (1488) Beautiful historical buildings from the 1900. Goerkehaus built in 1909. Felsenkirche (1912) Visit the Ghost town Kolmanskop. Bartolomeu Dias was another renowned Portuguese explorer and seafarer who sailed the seas around Africa discovering sailing routes, pioneering travel and orientating trade routes between Western Europe and Asia. Dias was ordered by King John II of Portugal to try and sail to the southern end of Africa. His Majesty wanted to know how far ships could sail on that route after previous expeditions to the Orient had failed. Bartolomeu Dias was the first European to set eyes on Lüderitz, when he sought shelter in the bay during a storm on Christmas Day 1487. Upon his return from the Cape of Good Hope in July 1488, he erected a stone cross which is now known as Dias Point. Although the original cross is no longer there, a replica marble cross has been erected in its place. The stone beacon remained undamaged, less fo... read more  Read More