what to see / Dolphins & Whales

DOLPHINS A dolphin is really a toothed whale. As a whale is a mammal, therefore so are dolphins. Along with whales and porpoises, they are known as cetaceans which are fish-shaped sea mammals. There are 79 species of cetaceans around the world and 38 types have been recorded in the waters of southern Africa. Dolphins belong to the suborder called Odontoceti. This is why they are toothed whales using the one set of teeth for life - all the same shape. They feed mainly on fish or squid and are also capable of echolocation (they emit sound waves which bounce off other objects). If the dolphin detects an echo, it will know there is another object in the way. They are very sociable animals and can be found in large schools. This behaviour is twofold; it allows them to find prey more easily, whilst at the same time providing protection for each other from predators such as sharks. They are much loved in human culture because of their friendly appearance and seemingly playfu... read more  Read More