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Sandwich Harbour Sandwich Harbour, 50 km south of Walvis Bay, historically served as a commercial fishing and trading port, and indeed, the name may well be derived from an English whaler, the Sandwich, which operated in the mid-1780s. It's thought that the captain of this ship produced the first map of this coastline. (However, the name may also be a corruption of the German word "sandfishche", a type of shark often found here). Although it's now a total wilderness, Sandwich Harbour has historically hosted various enterprises, from fish processing and shark-oil extraction to sealing and guano collection. In the late 1800s the southern end of the lagoon even supported an extensive abattoir, which was set up by some enlightened soul who'd taken up the notion of driving cattle over the dunes to the harbour for slaughter and export. All that remains of these efforts is an early-to mid 1900s hut used for guano collection, a rusting barge, a graveyard and some ... read more  Read More

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