what to see / Eland

Introduction: The name eland (Taurotragus oryx) is borrowed from the Dutch and means elk. They are the largest African antelope and both sexes have distinctive heavy, spirally twisted horns of up to 1m in length. Eland herds are normally between 6 -12 animals and they can often be found in association with zebras or giraffes, possibly in the hope of warding off lions. One of the interesting characteristics of an eland herd is that it includes a nursery for the calves. When threatened by predators the herd forms a front, with the large males taking the lead positions, whilst the calves and pregnant females are protected behind this fortress. Hunted extensively for their hide and flesh, and at times trained to work in harness, eland populations have greatly diminished over the years. In spite of its heavy physique, eland are remarkably agile and large bulls can easily jump over regular fences. Distribution: Eland can be found on the farmland of north central Namibia (around ... read more  Read More