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Etosha Waterholes The Etosha National Park’s water holes each have their own character. There are natural water holes and those which are fed artificially from bore holes. Examples of the latter are Olifantsbad and Ozonjuitji m’Bari. It is important to remember that the water levels of the holes and the number of game to see there vary from season to season, depending on the rainfall and the migration of the animals. Certain artificial drinking places may be dry periodically due to a rotation system of providing water to game. Some water holes are normally dry in the winter when rain does not fall. Dry water holes are indicated on the map. The list of water holes which follows serves merely as a guide for better game viewing opportunities. It is advisable to consult camp officials regarding game concentrations before undertaking trips. The descriptions of the holes are based on the dry season that is in winter, May to August which is the best season f... read more  Read More

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