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Water covers some 70% of the earth's surface, an essential supply to ensure man's survival. Freshwater bodies such as lakes and rivers cover only a small percentage of the total surface of the land. Much of Africa is generally arid and Namibia in particular is generally very dry. Perennial rivers such as the Kunene, Kavango, Chobe and Orange occur to the north and southern boundaries, but interior rivers are either periodic (flowing during certain periods of the year only) or episodic (flowing at varied and unpredictable intervals). In the broadest of terms, a fish is a cold-blooded vertebrate animal that lives in water, by breathing through gills. They have fins for stability and movement. Fishes in rivers often congregate at either the tail or the head of a pool. This is because the current of a river naturally carries food there and predators such as tiger fish will go visit to feed, and anglers will follow suit to try and catch them feeding. Trout prefer the protect... read more  Read More

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