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Covering 300 miles along the coastline, we will tailor an itinerary to suit your needs. Transport is by means of 4x4’s as this is desert country. Angling The fishing coastline starts from Sandwich Bay, south of Walvis Bay, and ends at the Skeleton Coast Park, Terrace Bay. It is a secluded area and only caters for 40 fishermen at a time, but offers prime fishing with big cob, steenbras and plenty of sharks. Torra Bay, in the Skeleton Coast Park, is only open to the public two months in the year, in December and January. Species targeted are copper shark, average weight 100lbs, hound shark average 20lbs, spotted gully shark average 40lbs, cow sharks from 50lbs up to 150lbs. The bronze whaler / copper shark (Bronzie) is the strongest and most powerful fish with massive stamina and endurance, and can weight up to 400lbs. Bronzies are tough fighters and are capable of giving even the most experienced angler a fight he will never forget. All sharks are released bac... read more  Read More

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