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Your holidays in Namibia should be planned carefully. Namibia is a vast country with many attractions spread over enormous distances. Yes, one can do it all on the ground by vehicle or in the air on a fly-in safaris. Whatever your decision, your choice will inevitably involve many hours of driving on gravel roads. Driving in the bush does require some skill and the roads are mainly sandy or gravelly. Most tourists are not familiar with 4x4 vehicles and are not used to off road driving. It is therefore recommended that you book a safari through us which will include a private tour guide with vehicle. You will be fetched from the airport, accompanied on your travels and be provided with a mobile encyclopedia in an air-conditioned 4x4. With us you will be able to see areas tourists are unable to access on their own. All tour guides are qualified and have an in-depth knowledge of nature, wildlife, fauna, and flora and will be able to keep you riveted with adventure stories aro... read more  Read More