what to see / Gamsberg Pass

Gamsberg Pass Probably the most popular of the three passes, the Gamsberg is sometimes called ‘Namibia’s Garden Route’. It certainly offers spectacular scenery, and is well provided with accommodation and activities en route. The name is a mixture of the Nama word ‘gan’ meaning ‘closed’ or ‘shut’ and the German ‘berg’ meaning ‘mountain’, and refers to the flat-topped Gamsberg Mountain (2347 m) which dominates the view. This 1000-million- year-old granite mountain rises 500 m above the surrounding highlands and has survived further erosion, thanks to a sandstone cap formed about 200 million years ago when most of this area was covered by an inland sea. It is worth stopping at the top of the pass to enjoy the views of the surrounding hills and to contemplate the snaking descent towards the desert floor. Before reaching the Namib, however, the road must still make its way through the Kuiseb Pass after wh... read more  Read More