what to see / Gemsbok (Oryx)

Introduction: The Oryx (Oryx gazella) found in Southern Africa is often known by its Afrikaans name - Gemsbok, of which the origins are unknown. They are found all over Namibia and can tolerate arid areas which are uninhabitable to most other antelope, hence its status as Namibia's National animal. It obtains enough drinking water from food to survive and therefore does not need to drink. Gemsbok can tolerate extreme heat and to conserve water can allow their body temperature to rise to levels that would kill most animals, by cooling the blood going to the brain. Herd’s number anywhere between 5 and 40 animals, but aggregations of several hundred can occur. Female herds include non-territorial bulls who will move between the territories of dominant bulls in search for food. To avoid conflict, non-territorial bulls are submissive towards territorial bulls. Fights between males are often fatal, one or both can receive severe stab wounds. When cornered by a predator, Ory... read more  Read More