what to see / Giraffe

Introduction: The giraffe is the tallest of all animals and the name is derived from the Arabic zarafah (the one who walks quickly). The giraffe gets its great height from its legs, which are around 2m long and a neck which may be even longer. Two bony 'horns' grow from the giraffe's skull. These horns, which are covered by skin and hair, resemble deer's antlers before the antlers develop branches. They are not true horns because they do not have a horny covering. Some giraffes also have one or more short hornlike bumps on the forehead. The horns of the female are smaller than those of the male. A giraffe can close its nostrils completely to keep out sand and dust. It uses its long upper lip and its tongue, which is about 53cm long, to gather food from tree branches. Giraffes have good vision and they seldom use its voice, though it can utter a variety of soft sounds. Despite the length of its neck, a giraffe only has 7 neck bones – the same number that ... read more  Read More