what to see / Hardap Dam

Hardap Dam Namibia's biggest reservoir. The name Hardap derives from the Nama word meaning "nipple" or "wart", which is how the surrounding area of low conical-shaped hills appeared to the early inhabitants. There are fishing spots at various points along the northern shore of the lake. Permits, and a map of permitted fishing areas, are available from the resort office, or from the magistrate's office in Mariental. A large variety of bird species can be observed in and around the dam. Pelican, cormorant, darter and spoonbill, can be seen on the lake itself, as well as fish eagle and a small number of osprey. As there are no dangerous predators here, visitors can walk freely around the park. There is a 15km hiking trail, which can be shortened to a 9km loop. Hardap Dam is ideal for anglers, who will have to bring their own fishing tackle. Visitors to the dam are welcome to drive to the small game park adjacent to the dam All types ... read more  Read More