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Both private and state operated medical services are available in Namibia, and are of a high standard. However, availability of most services is restricted to the main towns. Emergencies and accidents in remote areas can be a costly affair when transport to the main towns is required. Host establishments should be able to organize these services when requested. Vaccinations There are no mandatory vaccinations for travelers from Europe. If you arrive from a country where yellow fever vaccinations are mandatory, proof of immunization is required. Take the usual precautions: ask your doctor whether you should renew your vaccinations against polio, diphtheria and tetanus. It also may be advisable to take precautions against Hepatitis A and B. Unfortunately there is no vaccination against malaria. Malaria Malaria remains one of the most feared illnesses worldwide. In southern Africa malaria is second to HIV/AIDS in causing illness and death. In Namibia however, this... read more  Read More