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Wild Horses of the Namib Desert It is not known how long the Namib Desert Feral Horses have lived on an area covering approximately 350 square kilometers in the Namib Desert, but locals speculate they have been there since 'German times'. As there are no written records about their provenance their origins remain unclear, but there are, of course, quite a few theories. One plausible theory relates to the German occupation of South West Africa when a large number of horses were needed for the cavalry and an eccentric German nobleman, Baron Hans-Heinrich von Wolf, set up a horse breeding station at his outlandish castle, Duwisib, on the edge of the desert. Once the Baron went off to the First World War in Europe nobody looked after the stable of more than 300 horses and after his death herds of them ran wild, roaming the veld around Duwisib until 1950. It is possible that some of them wandered the 150 kilometers south westwards to the water at Garub. It is likel... read more  Read More