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Namibia’s Caprivi region is situated halfway between the equator and the southern tip of the continent, and midway between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The region borders on Botswana in the south, Angola and Zambia in the north and Zimbabwe in the east. The Kavango River forms the border to Angola, the Chobe River is the border to Botswana, and the Zambezi River the border to Zambia. Legend has it, that travelers wanting to cross the mighty Zambezi River would look for a rapid on which to launch their rustic craft which carried fire as matches were unknown in those days. At this particular crossing the wind would blow the flames out and so it became knows as Katima Mulilo – ‘putting out fire’. From the east, Katima Mulilo is the gateway to Namibia. The industrial sector, including a juice factory and wood processing, is growing, and the EPZ (export processing zone) status will enhance further growth. Roads in and around Katima Mulilo have been ... read more  Read More

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