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Keetmanshoop is situated in the Namib Nam and succulent Karoo Desert and is famous for: Former German officer’s barracks converted into tourist accommodation Schutzenhaus Lodge Karakul sculpture to commemorate 100 years of the Karakul industry in Namibia Kaiserliches Postamt 1910 (Imperial post office) Rhenish Mission Church and Museum Naute Dam 3rd largest dam in Namibia Giant’s Playground Quiver tree Forest Quiver tree (Aloe dichotoma) Sociable weaver (Philetarus socius) Burchell’s Zebra (Equus burchellii) Schutzenhaus Lodge After 98 years of operating as the oldest, German club in Southern Africa, the Schutzenhaus was privatized and renovated into a European style guesthouse. Situated in the quiet Pastorie Street in Keetmanshoop, this guesthouse is ideal for relaxing after a long trip as well as exploring the surroundings and visiting all places of interest, such as the Fish River Ca... read more  Read More

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