what to see / Kolmanskop

Kolmanskop Close to Luderitz in Southern Namibia, the once prosperous diamond-mining town of Kolmanskop is slowly being buried in the white sand of the Namibian Desert Of the several diamond-mining ghost towns that litter the south of Namibia, Kolmanskop is probably the best known. Easily accessible, it affords visitors an informative glimpse into the diamond rush of the early 1900's. In the Kolmanskop Museum, mining implements are on display and an extensive collection of photos transports tourists back in time to the glory days when mining was still in full swing. The shopkeepers house, the restored mine captain's house, the butchery, gym and bowling alley are well worth visiting and the small locomotive which delivered water to all the houses is still in good condition. After completion of the guided tour, visitors can explore the area without a guide or enjoy refreshments in the restaurant, which is decorated with old antique furniture from the ghost ... read more  Read More