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Luderitz is a quirky Namibian coastal town, bordering the Sperrgebiet National Park. It is lodged in one of the best harbours in an inhospitable part of Africa's coast. It began life as a trading, fishing and guano-harvesting town, but when diamonds were discovered in 1909 in nearby Kolmanskop, Lüderitz enjoyed a sudden surge of prosperity. Unfortunately, the Lüderitz harbour has a rock bottom and its shallow depth has meant that modern ships have not been able to use it. As a result, the main activities of the Namibian shipping industry are based in Walvis Bay. Fortunately, the recent addition of a new quay has allowed larger fishing vessels to dock at Lüderitz. The town has also re-styled itself in an attempt to lure tourists to the area with the construction of a new waterfront shopping and office area. History Franz Adolf Lüderitz was born in 1834 as the eldest son of a wealthy merchant in Bremem, Germany. In 1851, he took up a three year inter... read more  Read More

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