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4X4 SELF DRIVE : MESSUM CRATER The Messum Crater is a secluded volcanic feature in the Gobobose Mountains west of Brandberg, Namibia. The Messum Crater, which is over 20km in diameter, was one of the volcanoes of the Etendeka period, about 133 million years ago. This route follows the C34 in a northern direction and turns inland 2km north of the Cape Cross turnoff. Please keep in mind that the first section of the route is very corrugated and it would be best to let some air out of your tyres. Interesting phenomena on this route are huge Lichen fields,. The nutrient rich cold Benguela Current not only generates a wealth of marine life, but it also produces fog which ensures the survival of an intriguing variety of desert adapted animals and plant. There are also valuable archaeological sites in the area like the stone circles used by ancient Damara nomadic. The Messum River produces a dense population of Welwitschia, including the largest recorded Welwitsc... read more  Read More

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