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Swakopmund Museum This museum was founded by Dr. Alfons Weber in 1951. Ever since its inception its objectives have been to encourage informal education, to stimulate interest in the sciences and to preserve historically valuable items for future generations. The museum is located in rebuilt building of the Imperial Customs House (Kaiserliches Hauptzollampt) erected in the beginning of the century. In 1950 the Swakopmund Municipality initiated a competition to add an attraction to the coastal town and Dr. Weber won it with an idea to establish a museum. There are following exhibits in the museum: The contrasting life in the Namib Desert and the Atlantic Ocean are clearly depicted by means of various dioramas (three-dimensional models and scenes) displaying the seals at Cape Cross, bird life in the coastal region of the country and a desert scenes. The Emil Jensen Herbarium exhibits the specimens of the Namib flora, while a large variety of zoological specimens... read more  Read More

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