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If you reading this, you are probably tired of the normal vacations you have experienced before! You probably also have a bucket list of things to do but don’t know where to go so that you can tick them off! Ever wanted to tour the wilds of Africa, see lions roaming free, be isolated in the desert like that crazy guy on Discovery in “Ultimate Survival”, Bear Grills? From the thrill of a lion’s hunt, to a relaxing day at the spa. Activities for the adrenalin junkie to enjoyable, relaxing and informative trips in a scenic bus - which takes you to all the hidden wonders of Namibia. Wide open spaces, not only warm temperatures but the warm welcoming of diverse traditions and cultures, and yes, you can see the sea, too! Anything from one of the highest sand dunes in the world, to one of the largest rivers in Africa. Instead of coast to coast, you can tour from tropical to dry, and you can still catch a tan while doing all of this. Namibia offers everything... read more  Read More

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