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Over extensive periods from 1948 until the present day, national monuments in Namibia have been identified and declared to a number of preceding and current heritage conservation bodies. They are: Historical Monuments Commission (1948-1968). The National Monuments Council of South Africa (1969-1990). The National Monuments Council of Namibia (1990-). These organizations have protected Namibia's cultural and natural heritage, beginning with the salvaging and reconstruction of 2 Portuguese padrões. Portuguese explorers, whilst searching for a seafaring trade route around the Cape of Good Hope erected historic crosses as naval beacons . Bartolommeo Diaz at Diaz Point erected the first cross near the Atlantic coastal town of Luederitz in 1488. Although it would be hundreds of years later that fragments of the first cross would be restored and erected on the exact location of the original cross, the history of heritage conservation in Namibia was unde... read more  Read More