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While much of the Namibian landscape is characterised by deserts and mountains, the country extends far enough north to have a varied range of plant life. Namibia can be split into four distinct vegetation zones which together support more than 4,000 seed bearing vascular plants, 120 different species of tree, over 200 endemic plant species and 100 varieties of lichen. Savannah cover 64% of Namibia, dry woodlands and forests 20%, while desert vegetation is distributed over 16%. The zones are defined as follows: The tropical forests and wetlands along the banks of the perennial rivers in the Kavango and Caprivi regions. The savannah plains with occasional trees in the Kalahari. Mountainous escarpment regions such as Kaokoland and Damaraland Low altitude coast lands and Namib Desert. Plants play a large part in Namibian folklore such as The Omumborombonga or ancestral tree that grows north of Windhoek. It can be found in both highland savannah and sandv... read more  Read More

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