what to do / Quadbiking

Quad biking, on four wheel all terrain motorbikes, is a very popular day activity and can be done at various locations across the country from exploring the dunes, navigating the rivers or even game viewing on nature reserves are offered by both operators and lodges. Ride through bush tracks, over dams, alongside mountain ranges and through dry sandy river beds. Tours are always unique fun and memorable. The more famous location for quad biking is once again the coastal dunes around Swakopmund, where operators guide guest on tours into the dunes ranging from one hour to full-day expeditions. This is one of the best ways to access parts of the sand dunes that even 4x4 cars can't reach. Two types of bike you can choose from 160cc semi-automatic bikes (for the few unsure clients). 200cc manual quad bikes (for the more adventurous clients). Helmets, goggles and gloves are provided. Tours are multi-guiding with slow and fast groups in the same tour, catering... read more  Read More