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Ruacana is situated in Kaokoland in Kunene, North West Namibia and is famous for: Epupa Falls, the greatest single water drop 37m Waterfall surrounded by an arid desert landscape White water rafting Endemic plants Kunene black thorn (Kaoko kobas) Slender corkwood and brown stem corkwood Two meter long monitors Barecheeked babbler (Turdoides gymnogenys) Ruacana Eha Lodge The lodge is a natural gateway to the wonders of the Kaokoveld, Epupa Falls and the vibrant African culture of the northern regions of Namibia. The word ‘Eha’ describes a piece of jewellery worn by the Himba, but it also means ‘home’. All rooms are air-conditioned and have telephone and RV. Also available are 15 campsites and 6 traditional–style huts. Omarunga Camp Epupa Omarunga Camp Epupa is situated 180km North West of Opuwo. On the banks of the Kunene River, only a short walk upstream from the spectacular Ep... read more  Read More

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