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Is there an African equivalent to ‘walkabout’, or ‘pilgrimage’? A concept of finding yourself, losing yourself, reassessing your life and values; of finding and following your song lines, and singing your song. A time to commune with the land; to find your sacred space; to connect with your source? In Paul Theroux’s book "Dark Star Safari", he mentions that contrary to its every-day use, the word safari’s origin has nothing to do with animals, but is a Swahili word meaning ‘journey’. Safari is a word that’s been thrown around a lot, and perhaps we need to rekindle its original meaning. Maybe it is a word that needs to be used for that time away, for finding one’s self, that time to travel to connect with the unraveling threads of our lives. Perhaps this is our African ‘walkabout’, our pilgrimage into unknown territory that makes us re-evaluate our lives. If this can be, Namibia comes top of the lis... read more  Read More