what to see / The San People

The San (Bushmen) are the oldest ethnic group in Namibia having inhabited Southern Africa for an estimated 20.000 years. The South African "homeland" policy forced them to settle in remote "Bushmanland", a desert-like area between Kaudom Park and Omaheke. It can be accessed on the C44, which turns off the B8 north of Grootfontein and leads 250 km to Tsumkwe, the former district capital of Bushmanland. Every now and then, narrow sandy paths turn of the road and lead into the bush. Following them one gets to spread-out bushmen settlements. The friendly people still live a traditional life as hunters and gatherers. Whereas the women collect wild fruits, berries and wild onions rich in starch, the men pursue hunting. The San have a deep understanding of nature and ecology. They are able to identify hundreds of plant species and are known to be excellent animal trackers. An estimated 30.000 Bushmen live in Namibia, but only 2.000 of them still follow a traditiona... read more  Read More