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Sossus / Sesriem is situated in the Namib Nama and succulent Karoo Desert and is famous for : Highest sand dunes in the world Dead Pan – carbon dated 500-600 million years old Sesriem Canyon Nara (acanthosicyos horridus) Dune lark – ‘true’ endemic in Namibia Cape ground Squirrel Spreetshoogte Pass – God’s window from the top Geologist’s paradise Ruppel’s Kohrhahn (Eupodotis rueppellii Near endemic to the Namib Desert Namib Hoodia (Hoodia currorili Oryx, Springbok and Ostrich Desert Camp The true African spirit is unparalleled desert beauty… Desert Camp is situated on a 40,000 hectare private reserve near to the Sesriem gate of the Namib Naukluft Park. The affordable, self catering accommodation comprises 29x units under canvas, each with en suite bathroom, twin beds, fold out sleeper couch and shaded verandah with fitted kitchenette. Each unit... read more  Read More

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