what to see / Shipwrecks at Skeleton Coast

Shipwrecks at Skeleton Coast Dunedin Star The most famous wreck, and story, is that of the Dunedin Star. On 29 November 1942, the Blue Star Liner, Dunedin Star, headed for the Middle East carrying passengers as well as ammunitions for World War II. It ran aground off the Skeleton Coast. The crew managed to get off a distress signal which was received in the port of Walvis Bay to the south. The environment was anything but friendly: hot in the day, cold at night, very dry with no friendly little villages to take in the survivors and give them mugs of hot chocolate or medicinal brandy. Everyone was very concerned. A tug, the Sir Charles Elliot, was dispatched, but ran aground before it reached the Dunedin Star. Two of its crew members jumped overboard but were drowned before they could reach the shore. A bomber was sent from the Cape of Good Hope to land with supplies and water for the survivors who had made it to shore. It landed, but got stuck in loose sand ... read more  Read More