what to see / Springbok

Introduction: The springbok (Antidorcas marsupialis) is the most common antelope in Namibia, and you will see huge herds of them on both commercial farmland and in designated game parks. The springbok is also one of the fastest antelopes. Both male and female carry the lyrate horns which rise from the head and slope slightly backwards. The name marsupialis was added because of a pocket-like skin flap that extends along the middle of the back from the tail onwards. In times of mating, the male shows off his strength and to attract a mate jumps into the air, which lifts the flap along his back. This action causes the long white hairs under the tail to stand up in a clearly visible fan shape, which in turn emits a strong floral scent of sweat. This stiff legged bouncing motion is known as pronking, an Afrikaans name meaning to show off or to boast. It is also initiated to ward off predators. Distribution: The range of the springbok is amazing and they can be found in the Namib... read more  Read More