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Tsumkwe is the capital of Bushmanland, situated in the Kalahari Desert in the area known as Khaudum. Khaudum is famous for : The Kaudum Game Reserve is an unfenced area of 3843km2 game park which is one of Namibia’s most wild, rugged and pristine wilderness areas in Africa Visitors are required to enter the park with a minimum of at least two 4x4 vehicles which must be fully equipped for camping. There are no shops available in the park so make sure you have food and plenty of water for the hot trip) There are an abundance of elephants in this area The park is home to the biggest concentration of Wild Dogs in Africa The Baobab Tree (Adansonia digitata), which gets up to 25m in circumference. This is truly an amazing tree which grows in the arid and dry Kalahari Desert The Kaudum Game Reserve is home to the great African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) The Kaudum Game Reserve is home to the Black-crested snake eagle (Circaetus pector... read more  Read More

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