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Who are the San? The term "Bushmen" is best known referring to the nomadic hunter-gatherer people of the Kalahari Desert of Africa. They are also called "Basarwa"(in Botswana) and "San" (in Namibia and South Africa). The word "San" means "foragers" in the Khoekhoe-language and, like "Bushmen", also carries negative connotations of backwardness, low status or even banditry. That is why some people argue, that the term "San" is no better than "Bushmen". Among them are people who call themselves "Bushmen" in order to demonstrate that they are proud of their origin and the knowledge they have of living of the bushveld. Since these people lived for a big part of history in relative isolation in parts of Africa, especially in the Kalahari, they still have some specific cultural and linguistic characteristics. What language do they talk? To hear the very interesting and unique ... read more  Read More

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