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HIMBA Kamanjab: Situated about 20 km outside of Kamanjab, a guided tour around the village will give you an in-depth insight into the life and ways of the last traditional tribe in Namibia, the Ova-Himba. Experience the milking ceremony, the smoke bath, be informed on the beliefs around the holy fire, ancestors, and herbal medicine. Learn about the jewellery and hairstyles to imitate the status of each tribe member and their close relationship with nature, their cattle and children SAN (BUSHMEN) Grashoek. Ju/'hoansi San associated with the Grashoek Historic Village, a living museum situated west of Nyae-Nyae, simulate the life of their ancestors in the Kalahari woodlands. Visitors join them as they hunt with bows, spears and snares; fashion weapons, implements, adornments and musical instruments; gather wild food with digging sticks and cook it on open fires; enact ceremonies, sing and dance. Turn onto a sandy track off route C44, the main road to Tsumkwe, at a s... read more  Read More

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