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BUSHPIG Introduction: The bushpig (Potamochoerus porcus) belongs to the Order Artiodactyla, or hoofed herbivorous mammals, the same as the warthog. There are some similarities between the 2, although the bushpig is probably not quite as ugly as the warthog. Bushpigs are strong, stocky and cunning animals that can owe its own increase in numbers to the decline of the leopard - its main natural predator. Bushpigs are social animals that live in groups of 6 to 8 animals, led by a dominant pair. All male groups occur as well as do sightings of individuals. They can be a very dangerous animal when cornered or threatened and their lower incisors can pack a nasty bite. Dominant boars defend their own feeding grounds, but fights are generally restricted to tail wagging, pawing the ground and rolling and hair rising. Bushpigs have a life expectancy of 13 years, especially if they can keep out of range of a rifle's foresight whilst rummaging around the garden for some tom... read more  Read More