what to see / Welwitschia Drive & Living Stones

Welwitschia Drive and Living Stones Welwitschia Mirabilis is the most famous Namibian plant. Most specimen are about 1000 years old, some even older. 1859 the "living fossil" was discovered by the Austrian botanist Dr. Welwitsch and named after him. The Welwitschia plant only grows two leaves, which over time get slightly shredded by the wind. The desert plant belongs to the succulents, i.e. is able to store water. It takes the water it needs for growing from the air. Welwitschias occur exclusively in the central part of the Namib, between 40 and 120 kilometers off the coast. This unique plant can be found along the sign-posted Welwitschia Drive in the Namib Naukluft Park. Behind the steam engine "Martin Luther" you turn off the B2 on to the C28. After 17km turn left on the D1991. T After a short while you will come across the first of the 13 numbered stone beacons that indicate places of particular interest. The drive leads through the bizarre and bare... read more  Read More