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Namibia is blessed with wonderful weather, providing many opportunities to enjoy the ever-popular braai (barbeque meat) outside on an open fire. This is the best way to socialise and meet new people. Game is a popular meat with Kudu, Oryx and Springbok served regularly at restaurants. The German influence has also brought a variety of pastries, breads and cake as well as sausages and other meat specialties into the local cuisine. Along the coast, Walvis Bay is famous for its oysters. Namibian Cuisine Namibia is a meat-orientated society. Namibian cuisine is known for the use of game dishes and popular ones are kudu, springbok and gemsbok. The meat of Zebra and Ostrich are favored by the local people because these meats are both tasty and rare. Namibia is an important producer of beef and mutton. Seafood is available from the country’s coastal region. The German colonial period has left a legacy of a variety of sausages, breads, cakes and pastries, whil... read more  Read More