what to see / Hartmanns Mountain Zebra

Introduction: The name Hartmann's has been retained for this subspecies to distinguish it from the Cape mountain zebra. They are slightly larger than the Cape zebra. Other characteristics of the Hartmann's mountain zebra include: The hooves grow extremely fast to compensate for the heavy wear endured on the rocky terrain that they live. This species seeks shade and rests during the hottest parts of the day and has been demonstrated to orient its body with respect to the sun. The vocalizations of the Hartmann's zebra are similar to the neigh of a horse. Each zebra has an individual stripe pattern. After birth, the mare positions herself between the foal and the rest of the herd while it studies her stripes for future recognition. Zebras stay in family groups of a stallion, or male, and several mares, but different families will come together in huge herds of hundreds of zebras. Distribution: The Hartmann's mountain zebra occupie... read more  Read More

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