what to see / Burchells Zebra

Introduction: The Burchell’s Zebra lives in small family units, which typically consist of one stallion and one mare with their foals. Non-breeding stallions occur in bachelor groups. Herd stallions are between four to 12 years old. Water holes in conjunction with favored grazing areas attract family groups which collectively congregate in large numbers. They are often seen in close association with Wildebeest, other plains Antelope and Baboons. Unmistakably a member of the horse family. This species is the larger of the two distinct species inhabiting South Africa’s wild life domain. The ranges of the Burchell’s Zebra and the Cape Mountain Zebra are mutually exclusive. The Cape Mountain Zebra is confined to the Cape mountainous regions, whereas that of the Burchell’s Zebra coincides with woodland and grassy plains. Distribution: Short grassland areas within savanna woodland and grassland plains constitute the preferred habitat. Their dependence on ... read more  Read More

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