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Namib Hoodia One of the Namib Desert's most celebrated plants is the Namib Hoodia (Hoodia currorii) that occurs from the central Namib to southern Angola. It is found mainly on plains and sometimes in rocky places such as around Hoodia Lodge in Sossusvlei. (Hoodia currorii) has remarkable appetite-reducing qualities, a fact known for ever and a day by the locals, but recently used by the general public for its pharmaceutical use (who claim it as their own discovery!) It can also be eaten to lower blood pressure, cure colds and is an aid to indigestion. Namib hoodia can grow up to 1m in height and after the rains, its 'fresh-coloured, showy flowers decorate the plains of the Desert. The flowers can reach a hand's breadth in size, but unfortunately can smell of carrion and attract pollinators including flies. There are 10 Hoodia species in Namibia that can only be distinguished from each other by their flowers. Namib Hoodia is a protected species. ... read more  Read More

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