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The San / Bushmen The Bushmen or San are regarded as the original inhabitants in southern Africa. After they could realize their traditional way of life as hunters and gatherers for thousands of years their living space was increasingly restricted by immigration of African tribes, and later, of the white colonizers / settlers. The allocation of reservations in which it is also prohibited for the San to use the natural resources, limits their living space. Today it is supposed that still about 40,000 Bushmen live in Namibia, however, only 10 % of them still practise their traditional, nomadic lifestyle. Most San people now live or work on farms in eastern Namibia or live in remote communal areas in Otjozondjupa and Omusati regions, having been strongly influenced in their way of life by Western culture, economies and lifestyle. The Nama The Nama lived initially as cattle breeding nomads in northern and southern regions of the Orange River, before they later moved furthe... read more  Read More

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