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As the gateway to northern Namibia, Otjiwarongo means "The Place where the fat cattle graze" - an appropriate name since its home to some of Namibia's biggest cattle breeding companies. The beautiful Waterberg Plateau Park is only a 30 km drive south of this pretty little town.  Walking the streets of Otjiwarongo will take you past a selection of supermarkets, a museum, a gemstone dealer and an old German confectionery/bakery. Or you could visit the unique crocodile farm and get a chance to feed these ancient reptiles.  Accommodation establishments range from hotels, lodges to B&B’s and you can pretty much stock up on anything as you head northwards.


Germans settlers first arrived during the 1900's, and in 1906 Otjiwarongo officially became a town. The railway that was built from Swakopmund to the Otavi copper mine was a major boost for Otjiwarongo's agricultural development.  From earliest times, it had been known that rich copper deposits occurred in the Tsumeb and Otavi areas.  Bushmen and the Ovambo had traded copper to manufacture ornaments and other utensils, and after the Herero-war (1904) the mining activities in the Otavi area started in all earnest.

The first municipal council of Otjiwarongo was convened in 1928, and on 1 May 1938, the town was proclaimed as a municipality.  In its almost one hundred years of existence, Otjiwarongo has been blessed with virtually uninterrupted development.  Its fertile land and high number of commercial (cattle) farms of the district, a higher than average rainfall than the rest of Namibia as well as the fact that all traffic to northern Namibia passes through Otjiwarongo, has made it a town that has continuously prospered

Interesting facts

  • The largest free-roaming cheetah population in the world is found in Namibia.
  • The name cheetah comes from an Indian word meaning “spotted one”.


  • Cheetah Conservation Fund
  • Africat Foundation
  • Waterberg Plateau Park
  • Crocodile Ranch
  • Steam Railway Locomotive of the Class NG5
  • Thirstland-Trekker Monument
  • German Pioneer's Commemorative Stone
  • Memorable Order of Tin Hats
  • Petrified Dinosaur Tracks
  • German Schutztruppe Monument
  • Etosha National Park
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