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I Dream Africa

I Dream Africa

South Africa


We welcome you with open arms and true African hospitality to our shores. 

Come and experience our wide variety of fascinating cultures and local traditions. South Africa is known for diversity in cultures and languages.

South Africa, on the continent's southern tip, is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west and by the Indian Ocean on the south and east. Its neighbors are Namibia in the northwest, Zimbabwe and Botswana in the north, and Mozambique and Swaziland in the northeast. The kingdom of Lesotho forms an enclave within the southeast part of South Africa, which occupies an area nearly three times that of California. Within these borders lie our country’s natural wonders.

Let yourself be drawn into the rhythm and soul of Africa. Have close encounters with the regal wildlife and allow yourself to be taken on an unforgettable journey through our ancient and recent past.

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