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Duwisib is situated in Sossus South in the Namib Nama and succulent Karoo Desert and is famous for:

  • Mysterious fairy circles in the sand
  • Duwisib Castle
  • The NamibRand Nature Reserve
  • One of the most diverse deserts in the world in respect of animal and plant life
  • Due to fog especially late afternoon until early morning
  • Forked bushman grass (Stipagrostis gemini folia)
  • Only occurs in the southern Namib and Northern Namaqualand
  • Springbok
  • Ostrich (Struthio carnelus) or the camel bird - The biggest bird in the world 2m high weighing about 68 kg

Farm Duwisib

Farm Duwisib is situated 80km south west of Maltahohe and 170km south east of Sesriem on the D826.

Farm Duwisib is situated next to the Duwisib Castle, which today houses a museum, and is your ideal stopover on your way to the Fish River Canyon, Lüderitz or Sossusvlei. We offer 7x comfortable en suite rooms serving on DBB or self catering basis, alternatively you could make use of our new campsites.

Hammerstein Lodge

Hammerstein Lodge is situated 60km from Sesriem on the C19 between Maltahohe and Solitaire.

A hearty welcome to Hammerstein Lodge and Camp. Our visitors have a choice between bungalows which are equipped for self catering. On your visit to Hammerstein, we entice you to join one of our guided wild cat tours. On the tour you will have the privilege and pleasure to meet up with our carnivorous team, namely leopard, cheetah and caracals.

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