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I Dream Africa

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Maltahohe is situated in Sossus south in the Namib Nama and succulent Karoo Desert and is famous for:

  • Mysterious fairy circles in the sand
  • Duwisib Castle
  • NamibRand Nature Reserve
  • One of the most diverse deserts in the world in respect of animal and plant life
  • Due to fog especially late afternoon until early morning
  • Forked bushman grass (Stipagrostis gemini folia)
  • Only occurs in the southern Namib and Northern Namaqualand
  • Springbok
  • Ostrich (Struthio carnelus) or the camel bird - The biggest bird in the world 2m high weighing about 68 kg

Desert Homestead

The Desert Homestead lies 3km North West of the C19 and D854 road junction, approximately 32km south east of Sesriem. The wide grassy valley is sheltered by the Nabib, Tsaris and Naukluft Mountains with a view reaching the distant dunes of the Namib Desert in the West.

In this exquisite position, we offer simple but stylish accommodation in thatched chalets which are designed with the fragile beauty of this remarkable environment in mind. The Desert Homestead will ensure you are unrivalled respite from the desert extremes. Tranquil surroundings, alfresco dining, delectable fresh farm cuisine, refreshing dips in the pool, stunning sunsets and sunrises are the basic pleasures at our lodge. And meandering across endless plains or discovering ancient water courses on a beautifully groomed steed is a magical and alternative way to appreciate our surroundings. The final remnants of each day see nature at her most profound. Rugged landscapes bathed in hues of pastel …. A truly humbling experience.

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