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The Southern Black Korhaan is a Southern African bird that belongs to the Otididae bird family group which includes birds such as Bustards.

The Southern Black Korhaan is known in Afrikaans as Swartkorhaan.

The Southern Black Korhaan is Endemic to the Southern African Region which means that this bird is only found in this region and nowhere else in the world.

The Southern Black Korhaan has a height of 53 cms and weighs around 700 gms. The head is coloured brown while the bill is coloured red. The Afrotis afra has a white coloured throat, yellow legs and a brown coloured back. The eyes are brown.

The male Afrotis afra has physical features that are slightly different from the female bird.

Take note of the bird's main distinguishing features such as colour, size and leg length relative to the body size of the bird. Colours of a bird's body parts can be helpful. Be aware what may appear brown to one person is described in Roberts Birds using some other word ... for example brown, black.

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