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Bulls Party


Bull’s Party – Farm Ameib Erongo Namibia

If you are travelling in the Karibib/Usakos area, you will find Bull’s Party on Farm Ameib.

The series of events that lead to the strange rock shapes that can be seen today at the Bull’s Party began million of years ago when the rocks were buried beneath the earth’s present day surface level. The ancient granite, in areas, was layered, and in wet periods the underground waters would wash through the fissures and over a period of time widened the gaps. The weight of the overlaying rocks and overburden caused the rock layers to crack vertically in places forming large rectangular shaped blocks. The ongoing surface erosion of millions of years lowered the ground level and exposed the stack of rocks to weathering that caused many of the boulders to eventually disintegrate and fall away from other bodies of rock leaving the bizarre rock shapes and configurations that can be seen today.

While walking around the Bull’s Party, pause and see what is going on. The erosion of the rocks is an on-going process, even today. You will see huge boulders that have cracked in half owing to temperate weathering. On a hot day the sun can heat the rock to temperatures that make them too hot to touch. A sudden heavy downpour of summer rain can suddenly cool the rock to a point where the pressure caused by contraction can cause massive boulders to split, (core cracking).

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