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Giants Playground


Quiver tree forest & giants’ playground

The best-known attraction in Keetmanshoop area is the Quiver Tree Forest near Quiver Tree Rest Camp on the farm Gariganus. The rest camp is 13km north-east of Keetmanshoop.

The quiver tree is a type of Aloe, endemic to Namibia and north-western South Africa. San hunters used to make quivers for their arrows from the branches of the tree – hence the name. The trees near Keetmanshoop are exceptionally tall and old, between 200 and 300 years. The ‘forest’ at Gariganus consists of about 250 trees, spread out at some distance from one another. The site was proclaimed a national monument in 1955.

A few kilometers further on, still on farm Gariganus, there is the Giants’ Playground. A circular route leads through a maze of huge black dolerite blocks, which indeed look as if giants had been stacking oversized playing bricks.

There is another beautiful quiver tree ‘forest’ about 22km north of Keetmanshoop, it is part of the Garas Quiver Tree Park & Rest Camp. As this ‘forest’ is not very well known yet, there are fewer visitors.

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