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A bug is an insect of the order Hemiptera, known as the true bugs.

A bug may also refer to:
Informally, most arthropods, except marine crustaceans, including individuals or species of

  • insect
  • spider
  • scorpion
  • mite
  • tick
  • centipede
  • millipede
  • woodlice

Although Namibia does not enjoy the profusion of bug life found in countries further north, a few interesting specimens buzz, creep and crawl around the place. Over 500 species of colorful butterflies – including the African monarch, the commodore and the citrus swallowtail – are resident, as well as many fly-by-night moths.

Some of the more interesting bug types include the large and rarely noticed stick insects, the similarly large, and frighteningly hairy, baboon spider and the ubiquitous and leggy shongololo known as the millipede, which can be up to 30cm long.

The Namib Desert has several wonderful species of spiders. The tarantula-like ‘white lady of the dunes’ is a white hairy affair that is attracted to light. There is also a rare false spider known as a solifluge or sun spider. You can see its circulatory system through its light-coloured translucent outer skeleton. The Namib dunes are also known for their extraordinary variety of tenebrionid, known locally as ‘toktokkie’, beetles.

Common insects such as ants, stink bugs, grasshoppers, mopane worms and locusts sometimes find their way into frying pans for snack and protein supplements.

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